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All our baby car seats are tested according to the newest safety regulations in Europe. Besides passing all these required tests, many of our seats have won independent awards for their high standard of Safety, Design and Functionality.

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Since we started back in 1998, All 4 Baby has focussed on bringing high quality, safe and functional baby gear to Thailand. Whether it are strollers, car seats, high chairs or other items for your baby, they are all tested according to the latest European Standards. Ofcourse Safety is the nuimber one priority when choosing the right product, but comfort and functionality come right after that. If there are any specific items that you are looking for and unable to find on our side, please do not hesitate to contact us : 

Baby Car seats

Infant car seats – what to consider? 


An infant car seat is the very first car seat parents will buy and is the safest way to transport a newborn in a car. Many first-time-parents are unsure about what they need to consider when purchasing an infant car seat. See below for a summary of the essential factors to bear in mind. 

  1. Installation in the car: ISOFIX or with the vehicle belt? 

An ISOFIX system helps ensure the correct installation of the infant car seat in the vehicle, and reduces the likelihood of misuse. ISOFIX is generally the easier choice, especially for parents-to-be who may have no previous experience with installing car seats. Parents who choose an ISOFIX solution will also need to buy a product called a base along with the infant car seat. The base is installed in the car using ISOFIX and then the infant car seat can simply be clicked onto the base. This is advantageous for both installing and removing the infant car seat. Parents who want to use this solution need to check if their car comes equipped with ISOFIX. 


  1. iSize is state-of-the-art 

The i-Size standard was developed to make child restraints easier to install, to provide better protection in sideimpact crashes and to ensure children stay travelling in a rear-facing position up to at least 15 months of age. Additionally, the i-Size standard aims to make child restraints more compatible with vehicle seats. 

An i-Size infant car seat with a base can be used universally on any car seat marked with the i-Size symbol. They are installed using the vehicle’s ISOFIX points. If the vehicle does not have an i-Size seat, please check the compatibility of the vehicle to ensure that the desired car seat is suitable. 

Before buying an infant car seat we always recommend a test installation at a qualified retailer. 



  1. Easy adjustment to fit a growing baby 

Babies grow a lot within their first year of life and an infant car seat needs to be able to grow with them. The product should be equipped with a removable inlay, a height-adjustable headrest and integrated harness guides to allow easy and individualized adjustment for the growing baby.  

Parents should also make sure that the infant car seat offers sufficient side protection for the head and chest area, especially for newborns. This guarantees a safe and ergonomic travelling position for the baby. 

Some infant car seats can be adjusted to a lie-flat position when they are used outside of a car, for example when mounted on the frame of a stroller. This means the baby can lie in an ergonomically correct position. 


  1. Safety is king 

If parents or parents-to-be are not sure what kind of infant car seat they should buy, checking the test results from renowned testing institutes such as Stiftung Warentest or RACE will help in making a sound decision. One essential feature every infant car seat should have: side-impact protection. This feature protects the baby by reducing the forces generated in a side-impact collision 

If parents have questions at any point at the decision making process, it always helps to seek advice from an expert, for example from a local retailer. They will be able to answer any questions, demonstrate how to install the base, explain how use the infant car seat correctly and ensure that all children travel as safely as possible from day one.  


  1. More comfort, more happiness  

For everyday life, an infant car seat should offer features providing greater comfort for both children and parents. The weight of an infant car seat is a significant consideration when living in an apartment on a higher floor and if there is the need to frequently change between cars. Also, it should ideally be possible to mount the infant car seat on a stroller frame. This allows parents to use a stroller for short excursions with their babies without having to take them out of the car seat. And as babies spend a lot of time in their car seats, an ideal car seat needs to be comfortable as well as safe.  


  1. Do not underestimate the heat 

Hot summer days mean fun outside for the whole family, but they come also with hidden dangers. Babies are more sensitive to temperatures than adults, and what grown-ups might experience as a typical warm day may be too hot for babies. Even just a few minutes left in a warm car can become a serious risk for a baby 

Some infant car seats are equipped with features which alert parents if a critical situation occurs, for example if the inside of the car gets too hot for a baby or if the baby is left alone in the car. Features like these can save children’s lives. It is no wonder that they are already mandatory in some countries, for example Italy. Other countries will surely follow. 

Top Models of Strollers

We have a variety of some of the top models of strollers available in the market today.  Both Cybex and Mima have one of the most luxurious strollers available today with superior designs and materials.  All strollers are tested and approved according to the European Standard EN 1888.

Currently, one of our most popular buys are strollers with full function. Reversible seat, lie flat back rest, UV protecting canopy and shock absorbers on all 4 wheels for a comfortable ride. Furthermore, some of our strollers have convenient accessories such as baskets, front bar, cup holders and mosquito nets.

There is a model for anyone’s need. Whether you prefer a strong stroller with bigger wheels for comfortable walk outdoors to smaller designed strollers for City life at shopping malls and public transport such as the Sky Train. Or our most compact stroller for travel which is cabin size allowed for most airlines.

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