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BeSafe iZi Twist & iZi Twist B i-Size achieved the highest safety rating ‘Very Good’ in the independent ADAC/Stiftung Warentest car seat test in May 2020. They are the only toddler and 2-in-1 seat in the test that scored ‘Very Good’ in safety.

ADAC BeSafe iZi Twist B i Size Colour EN JPG

ADAC BeSafe iZi Twist i Size Colour EN JPG

“Highly recommended” and 4 out of 5 stars for iZi Twist & iZi Twist B i-Size

The BeSafe rotation seats iZi Twist and iZi Twist B i-Size not only achieved a “Good” total rating by the German organisations ADAC and Stiftung Warentest, but were even awarded with “Highly recommended” by the Swiss organisation TCS and scored 4 out of 5 stars by the Austrian ÖAMTC.

We are especially proud of their strong performance in the – for us at BeSafe – most important category: the safety score. Both seats performed very well in the frontal and side impact crash test, and thereby achieved the highest safety rating ‘Very Good’. In terms of safety, this puts them ahead of all other toddler and 2-in-1 seats from birth that were tested in the Spring 2020 publication

What makes iZi Twist and iZi Twist B i-Size so special is not only their strong safety performance, but that they manage to achieve this while offering the best sitting position for the child across almost all cars with the Universal Level Technology™. 

Developed for real-life situations: the Universal Level Technology™ 

BeSafe iZi Twist B i Size Function Universal Level Technology Transparent 1

For us at BeSafe, it is equally important that we find safety solutions that work in real-life situations and everyday usage instead of simply in these test laboratory situations only. That is why we have decided to introduce the Universal Level Technology™.

Consumer research and feedback from the markets has shown us that child seats on steep benches are a big issue for parents and children, as their head can fall forward more easily when sitting rear facing. Preventing this is especially important for small babies.

With the Universal Level Technology™, the child always sits at a comfortable angle no matter how steep the car’s vehicle bench, because it can counter-balance almost any steep seat angle. However, this positive effect of this technology is not factored in by these ADAC/Stiftung Warentest test methods. But to ensure a comfortable and healthy position for any child in real life, we developed the Universal Level Technology™ anyhow. 

How the Universal Level Technology™ makes this possible

What are ADAC and Stiftung Warentest and how do they test child car seats?

Twice each year, the German consumer council Stiftung Warentest on behalf of the ICRT (International Consumer Research & Testing) issues an independent test of new and relevant child car seats in Europe. The crash tests and safety evaluations of this are executed at the testing facility of ADAC, the German automotive association. The other parts of the tests are executed by the Austrian and Swiss automotive associations, ÖAMTC and TCS.

The safety score of a child car seat is a combination of its performance in a frontal impact test at 64 km/h and a side impact test at 27 km/h, as well as an evaluation of its stability on the vehicle seat and the belt routing/belt position. This safety score makes up for 50% of the total result.

The remainder is comprised of handling (40%) and ergonomics (10%), in which aspects like risk of misuse, installation and deinstallation, comfort, the child’s outside view are being evaluated. In addition, each seat is thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals and gets a downgrade if strict thresholds are exceeded.