BeSafe Side Impact Protection

SIP+ – Additional Side Impact Protection

Side impacts are the second most common source of serious injuries among children in car accidents. That is why BeSafe has developed the unique innovation SIP+ – an additional side impact protection. SIP+ makes a difference and we will explain to you why.

What is SIP+?

SIP+ is an additional safety feature that is placed on the side of the BeSafe child car seat. It is constructed to absorb energy and reduces the load on the child’s neck and head by up to an additional 20% in the event of a side impact.

How does it work?

SIP+ is fitted onto the side of the seat that is facing the car door and functions in two ways. First, SIP+ reduces the distance between the seat and the door, thus shortening the movement that will take place in the event of a side impact. Less movement means less force on the child. Second, SIP+ functions like a car’s crumple zone and absorbs the energy of an side impact.

Why is side impact protection important?

Children are especially vulnerable in side impacts. By sitting quite high in the car, they are less shielded by the metal sections of the car body. Additionally, cars do not feature any crumple zones towards the sides like they do in the vehicle front. Consequently, the car itself absorbs very little of the impact energy in a side accident.

That is why side impact protection provided by the child car seat is essential to protect children in the best way possible. All BeSafe seats feature energy-absorbing material in their side wings and deep headrests. The extra side impact protection SIP+ further reduces the forces on the child’s head and neck area by up to an additional 20% in a side impact.

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Tests confirm that SIP+ makes a difference

In the Spring edition of the 2016 ADAC/Stiftung Warentest child car seat test, three BeSafe seats were tested. All three BeSafe car seats featured SIP+ and all three BeSafe seats achieved “Very Good” side impact safety scores.
The SIP+ in combination with its outstanding front crash protection has led to the iZi Kid X2 i-Size achieving the historic safety score of 1.1 – the best safety score achieved among the 65 previously tested seats in its category.


Why did BeSafe put extra effort into developing the SIP+?

With children and real life in focus we create the best conditions for our seats to perform. However, we will never be satisfied! New innovations are constantly developed to make our products even safer and even more user-friendly. If we find a way to increase children’s safety in cars, we will do it.