Car Seats


Baby car seats are available in different models to suit your child’s weight and height considerations. We have infant, convertible and grow-with-your-baby car seats that are convenient and easy to set up in your vehicle when preparing to drive. 

Our multiple categories of seats ensure that your child will always find a suitable replacement whenever they outgrow the ones they currently have.

Typically, larger infants outgrow their car seats before they reach age 1, whereas smaller babies may still fit until their first birthday or even beyond. Nevertheless, most toddlers tend to exceed their height limit for infant car seats before their weight range. No matter the size of your child, you can always trust All 4 Baby for having a fitting car seat.

Which Type of Car Seat Fits Your Child?


Choosing the right car seat can be a difficult task. In this video we explain the differences of each type of car seat. It shows you what points are important to consider so you can choose which type is most suitable for you and your child.

How to Choose the right Car Seat Model


Once you know which type of car seat you prefer for your child,

there are still more choices to be made! Each type of car seat

comes in different brands and models. This video might help you

decide what model is best suitable for you.

Car Seat Tests & Approvals


All car seats look safe, but there are many details that determine

how well it can protect your child in case of an accident.

In this video we show you what are the car seats actually tested

on and why this is so important. It will tell you what to look for

when choosing the right seat for you.