A4B Baby Cotbed Versa White


A4B Baby Cotbed Versa White

Including Mattress. 125 x 69 cm

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Versa Cotbed White 2


Multi Functional Baby Cotbed.

This cot is beautiful in design and concept, made with sustainable European beechwood. Because the cot can be configured in several models it is ideal for newborn up to 3 years of age. Fully tested according to European Standards EN716:2018 it offers a safe and comfortable place for your baby.

Versa Cot Bed 2

Step 1 : Round Shape for your Newborn

For the first 3-4 months you can create a more cosy space for your baby with this configuration. It is also more convenient to keep your baby close to your own bed without taking up too much space.


Versa Cot Bed 1

Step 2 : Oval Shape as your baby grows.

After some time you can create a bigger space by adding the side panels. The mattress can still be on top level so it is easy to attend to your baby. As the baby grows older you can lower the level of the mattress to make sure your baby is safe.


Versa Cot Bed 3

Step 3 : Change Cot into Bed.

At some point your child will be able to get out of bed by themselves. By taking out one of the side panels, your child can continue to enjoy their bed up to approx 3 years of age.


Versa Cot Bed 4

Step 4 : Table & Chairs

Finally the set can be converted into a table & chairs.

Versa Cot Mattress Oval Versa Cot Mattress Round

Mattress Included

A uniquely designed mattress that grows and adapts as baby grows. Divided into 3 segments the mattress can be configured to suit the Round Bassinet, Oval Cot, Toddler Bed and provide cushions for the Table and Chairs Set. It is well ventilated through the holes on the sides to add to your baby's comfort.

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