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Nursing pillow redefined

Finding a nursing pillow that works for you is essential because you’ll be using it multiple times a day, every day. Without proper support, discomfort and back pain can influence your ability to breastfeed. Our award-winning Nursing Pillow gives your arms and back support by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic posture when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. It assists you with obtaining your little one into a fantastic nursing position that is comfortable for both of you and guarantees a good latch.

For storage or taking your pillow on the go, just fold up the pillow and secure with the colorful ribbon. It takes up virtually no space in your diaper bag or carry-on, which makes it a must-have for road trips or airplane flights! Flybyfly Nursing Pillow is intended to give mothers the assurance they need to feel protected and place them to get breastfeeding success.

Length: 99 cm

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Color : Blue, Color : Pink, Color Cream

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