FbF Height Meter Bear



Height meter to follow your baby’s growth.

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Height Meter Bear

Height chart for measuring kids growth with our adorable bear

In the early years it is vital to expose children to measurement concepts. The aim of this measuring height activity is for children to play and have fun with the concept of measuring height using their stuffed toys.

This measuring height activity is a great opportunity to talk about the concept of measurement and use measurement related language to describe which toy is taller or shorter or whether they are the same.

Some ideas:

Start by measuring your child’s height first and show them where they sit on the height chart. Then compare your height to theirs. Ask your child “do they think you are shorter or taller than me (parent) and why?” Can you find a stuffed toy in the basket that is shorter than you? Model/guide using the height chart.

Talk about the similarities and differences – size, and shape.

Use language such as ‘taller than’ and ‘shorter than’.

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Color : Blue, Color : Pink, Color Cream

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