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Height meter to follow your baby’s growth.

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Bear Rocker

Little ones need a lift? Have ’em hop right onto this Bear Rocker¬†

Our rocker is ready to rock and take your little ones on a adventure. Sweet and huggable, our super soft plush ride-on rocker features a patterned saddle and precision-shaped runners for a smooth, secure and gentle rocking motion. Designed by FLYBYFLY, it’ll be a welcome addition to the playroom habitat. Recommended age 12 – 36 months.


1. Develops balance

  • Through rocking on a chair, a rocking horse, or a large exercise ball, children develop their core muscles, perfect balance and it is just plain fun!

2. Foster strong emotional ties

  • Nurseries should all have at least one rocking chair. Both the children and the adult who rocks them will reap its benefits. Rocking a child makes close contact possible. In large groups, rocking a child can often lead to bonding, since it provides one-on-one time that may not otherwise be possible.

3. Develops visual perception

  • When you push a child on a swing, you are also offering an excellent visual exercise. He can observe the environment from different viewpoints (above and below).


Soft polyester with qualitative wood

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Color : Blue, Color : Pink, Color Cream

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