OK Baby Bath Tub Onda Slim


Bath Tub Onda Slim

Tray with collapsible system

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Tray with collapsible system

Made of soft polypropylene to ensure maximum comfort;
Equipped with sturdy reclosable supports with non-slip contact points that guarantee an excellent level of stability;
Equipped with an asymmetrical inguinal retention point that allows the use in the two sitting positions for maintaining a correct posture of the child during the growth phase (0/6 months and 6/12 months), leaving him the possibility of movement with arms and legs
OK Baby Bath Tub Onda Slim Folded

Thanks to its small size, the OK Baby bath tub Onda Slim can be used in the shower tray, resting in the adult tub or on any stable surface.

Once closed it becomes extremely compact, 9 cm thick. It can thus be stored in a drawer, in a closet or hung Practical to use, easy to store and transport.

OK Baby bath tub Onda Slim



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